It is a fact Banks charge you too much to transfer/send your money. RAWABI-DUBAI will transfer your money to anybody you wish safely and fast. Our experience in this business has equipped us with the necessary skills to serve you efficiently. Money transferring/sending is one of our leading specialties. RAWABI-DUBAI averages over 35,000 transfers per year.

Our services are fast, secure, low cost and they provide for an easy cash-out process. Our cash-out centers are conveniently located and easily accessible.

RAWABI-DUBAI takes great care in making sure that your money transfer is effected securely, fast and efficiently by taking the following steps:
  • Your money is received at any of our office locations or branches
  • It is then registered and a receipt issued
  • It will be transferred immediately following completion of the mandatory paperwork to be available for collection instantly.

Once the registration process and deposit of the funds you wish to transfer is finished, you can call the person you wish to transfer money to and inform them to pick it up. It will be available instantly.

  • Incase your money is not collected, RAWABI-DUBAI will never freeze your money. It will be available to you for refund.
  • There is no minimum or maximum to send. You can send any amount you wish.
  • A name must be specified for the person collecting the money
  • Money can only be collected from our authorized agents or branches only
  • The person collecting the money must present proper identification to show he/she is the rightful recipient.
  • Third parties are not allowed to claim for the money unless previously specified by the sender. Their names have to be on the Collections List and they must show proper identification.
  • We will do everything possible to deliver your money. However if for some reason your money is not delivered, you can reclaim it. Here below are some of the things you must note:
    • You must present original copy of your receipt
    • You must present proper identification
    • The transaction fee is non refundable
For more information about money transfers, please contact our money transfer department.
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